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Bitumen Sprayer

Bitumen sprayer generally consists of :

Insulated bitumen tank fitted with automatic burner for heating the bitumen at required temperature.
Bitumen pumping system comprising of positive displacement gear type bitumen pump, bitumen lines and valves.
25 H.P. two cylinder engine.
Air compressor.
Foldable spray bars with basic width 2.5 meters and extendable up to 4.2 meters. is fitted with pneumatically operated and easily adjustable nozzles placed at standard pitch of 225 mm. Spray bar delivers bitumen at pressure ranging from 0 - 6 kg/sqm
Manual hand spraying attachment.
Controls : The spraying system incorporates some of the best controls in terms of automation and operation as well as maintenance making the equipment very rugged, easy to use   maintain. The automation provided is based on the parameters of asphalt required per unit area for a given job and the required flow of asphalt is controlled automatically based on the speed of the truck.
Cleaning system to avoid clogging after use.
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