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Asphalt Drum Plant
Asphalt Drum Plant Manufacturer

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

We manufacture Asphalt Drum Mix plant that are widely known for their efficiency and quality. The Drum mix plants that we manufacture guarantees our clients with trouble free operations. Our highly educated staff has designed these drum mix plant that are user friendly and easy to use. We consist of clients all across India. With the finest quality of products that we manufacture we have gained a higher name in the road construction industry. Our ISO Certified process enables us to strictly adhere to standards while manufacturing these stationary and portable asphalt drum mixers.
Some of the features of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant are:

Easy operating and less maintenance
Designed for international market
Modern Drum mix technology
Produces high Production Rate
Portable of Stationery
Low dust emission
Proper drying and homogenous mixing of Aggregate
Proper Asphalt Coating and Saving
Easy to operate
Less fuel Consumption
Dryer Unit
Asphalt Drum Mix Plant India
A Dryer Unit is a type of cylindrical Drum that keeps on rotating. It is mounted on strong and tough steel structure. The mechanism is in such a way that the whole structure is having modifiable height legs to give proper degree to the unit for exact result.

Because of this extraordinary flight design it ensures total heat transfer to the aggregates which results in higher productivity & lower consumption of fuel.
We manufacture Bin Feeders of various types that consists of the extractor belt. This Bin Feeder forms perform a critical role in the road construction machinery.These feeders are made-up from certified material that adds eligible stability and wear and tear resistance to the end product.
Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer
Asphalt Mixing Plant Exporter
In order to heat the asphalt, fully set up of double walled tank is prepared with differentiate high pressure electronic burner. A control unit is required that is capable of metering and spraying of bitumen at exact temperature

Features include:

External Insulation with ceramic wool and covered with suitable thick sheet.
Tested tube nest for diathermic oil circulation
Thermic dust, manhole, lifting hocks, Breather pipe
Electronic High-pressure Jet burner
Heavy duty jacked asphalt pump
We consist of fully computerized control panel board with latest micro-processor based technology with printer.

1 Display of all process control parameters.

2 Print out records of each parameter of running plant.

3 Auto/Manual Operations.
Asphalt Plant India
Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Exporter
The entire plant is centrally air conditioned and consists of insulated control cabin for electronic control panel board.
In order to control the dust and to maintain the environment standards high efficiency wet dust collector are used.
Asphalt Mixing Plant Supplier
Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Supplier

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